Why The Bearded Cop?

When the word police officer is heard, various images may arise in a person’s mind depending on their perspective. Some see police officers as corrupt, ethical, friends, enemies, heroes, robots; to name a few. Depending on your personal circumstances and experience with the policing world, your view of police may be positive, negative or even apathetic. Furthermore, media, books, movies etc. may also have an impact how you see police. By following me via social media including this blog, I’m hoping that you’ll gain insight into my perspective on the world. In other words, I aim to break down stereotypes by humanizing the badge.

My Bearded Cop character, has enabled me to have a voice; to have some sort of control over what type of world I want to live in. “Be the change, you want to be” (Gandhi).

I do not represent all police officers. I also don’t to pretend to represent any of the “categories” that one may label me with. I represent myself, The Bearded Cop.

Most important, I’ve given a lot of myself to the job (policing). By sharing myself to the world, I hope to rediscover parts of myself that have been lost or forgotten over time.