So today wasn’t a good day, from a mental health perspective. I didn’t realize this until I was sitting at work during pre-shift briefing, brooding in my own head. Anything my colleagues or my supervisors said about the upcoming work day just fed into my negative mind-frame. I just had an overbearing feeling of hating work, hating life, not wanting to be around people.

Using techniques obtained by my regular visits with my psychologist, I was able to “sort of” re-focus my thought patterns and observe my symptoms. After catching myself in this dark cloud, my day went better but my energy vibrations felt lower than usual. Not even my regular coffee or nicotine seemed to be able to perk up my day. What helped mostly was taking the time to go see and speak with a fellow friend and colleague who has shared similar mental health challenges at work.

So what’s my point? My point is that I’m not myself today. But you know what? That’s ok! I’m human and some days are better than others. By sharing this, I hope to normalize some of the everyday struggles mental health issues can have on a person. Now onto the rest of my day at home; meditation, good food and solid family time to hopefully recharge the battery for tomorrow’s shift.

Stay strong,

Your Bearded Cop.

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