Choosing isn’t easy

While scanning through my social-media posts, I took a moment to analyse the content. Is this reflective of reality? Who am I kidding? Life isn’t made of smiles, roses and rainbows. Then again, reality is arguably a reflection of our own perspective.

everything is energy

Putting positive messages, photos or videos on social media, is not meant to discredit the negative aspects of policing and life. The moral of my social media posts should be understood as “despite the harsh realities and negativity of policing, there is still room for happiness.”

I choose to perceive the world as a grey world where there are no fairy-tale categories of only good vs. only bad.  I choose to believe in hope in every situation. I choose to believe that we do not have fixed mindsets and that we are capable of change.  I choose to look for beauty everywhere.

There is no doubt that when I retire, I will remember the gruesome scenes of violence, the dead bodies, the intense emotions, the yelling, the panic, the fear, the hate, the evil……..

The Bearded Cop social media presence forces me, in a sense, to focus on the smiles, the comradery, the passion, the pride, the hope, the love…..

Let me finish by stating the cheesy but true: “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!”


Your Bearded Cop

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